Application of gas sensor

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Applied to the construction of environmental networking. Gas sensors in the toxic, flammable, explosive, carbon dioxide and other gas detection areas have a wide range of applications, environmental issues have been the national and even the world's most concerned about the topic, human survival environment has been suffering from serious damage, how to protect the environment needs to establish environmental monitoring mechanism, construction of the network of things become necessary,

As a necessary sensor for environmental detection, gas sensors will help to build environmental networking. The sensor is the most core and the most basic link of the Internet of things, it is a bridge of various information and artificial intelligence, the gas sensor of one of the important categories in its technical field, it crosses the basic and applied disciplines of functional materials, electronic ceramics, optical electronic components, MEMS technology, nanotechnology, organic macromolecule and so on The high performance gas sensor can greatly improve the level of information collection, processing and deep processing, improve the veracity of real-time forecast accident, eliminate the hidden trouble, and reduce the occurrence of accidents, especially major accidents. Can effectively realize the safety monitoring and safety production supervision and management of electronic, change the passive disaster relief for active disaster prevention, make safe production to scientific management.

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