Installation of gas detector

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The first step is to install gas detectors in areas where there may be gas leakage, gas detectors must be installed firmly, and the installation location based on the measured gas relative to the size of the air, as measured by the proportion of gas less than air, C should be installed in the 30~60cm from the roof.

Fixed the detector on the wall with the φ8 expansion screws.

To properly use the probe and prevent its failure, do not install in the following locations:

A, directly affected by the steam, smoke, the place

B, to the air inlet, ventilating fan, door, etc.

V, water vapor, water droplets of the place (relative humidity: more than 90%)

D, the temperature in-40 ℃ or 70 ℃ above the place

The second step is wiring: wiring to use a high shielding line to prevent electrical signals are disturbed, the line set up, open the top cover. 

1, gas detectors are generally used in three-wire transmission, the power supply is marked with a positive ("VCC" terminals), signal line (labeled "SIG" terminal), power supply cathode (labeled "GND" terminals) corresponding to the Access channel module labeled "4-20main" a group of Terminals "24v, MA and Gnd", chassis (Cable shielding network) good grounding, after the line, fastening the chassis.

2, start: Wiring completed, to power the detector. The readings will be stable from the excess to the readings just after the start, about 15 minutes.

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