Selection techniques of gas sensors

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Harmful gas detection of a large role of gas sensors, harmful gas detection has two purposes, the first is to test the explosion, the second is to test the poison.

The so-called explosion detection is to detect the combustible gas content in dangerous places, exceeding the standard alarm to avoid the explosion accident, the detection of poison is to detect the poisonous gas content in dangerous places, exceeding the alarm to avoid the staff poisoning. Harmful gases have three kinds of conditions first, non-toxic or low toxicity flammable, second, not burning toxic, third, flammable toxic. For these three different situations, we usually choose a sensor to select a different gas sensor. For example, the selection of combustible gas detection alarm device, detection of toxic gases to detect the alarm device. Next we need to choose the type of gas sensor, generally have a fixed type and portable.

A stationary gas sensor is selected for the long-term operation of the leak detection in the production or storage position, and other such as repair and inspection, emergency detection, entry detection and itinerant inspection are chosen for portable gas sensors. There are hundreds of types of gas sensors, for different gas sensors may have different selection techniques, customers in the choice of gas sensors if they are not very clear to consult the sensor manufacturer's technicians, let them choose the right gas sensor for you, Or ask the Sensor technician to survey it to better select the gas sensor.

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