Bleaching Agent for Rosin Ester

Bleaching Agent for Rosin Ester

1.For glycerine preparation
2.For pentaerythritol preparation
3.For modified rosin ester etc
4.For disproportionated rosin

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Product Details

Bleaching agent , catalyst, antixidant and stabilizer , make rosin ester with lighter color and better heat stability.

We produce different kinds of bleaching agent for rosin ester.they are suitable for gum  and tall oil  including glycerine , pentaerythritol  and some modified rosin ester etc.our bleaching agent can make these rosin esters and derivates with light color less than 3 gardner and act as catalyst and antioxidant, stabilizer at the same time. it means they make it with better heat resistance and long term color, storage stability. please send inquiry to us for detailed information andchoosing the best suitable kind for you demand.

Product Name: Bleaching agent for rosin ester

Chemical Composition: phenol sulfide compounds


Bleaching agent for rosin ester

Catalyst for rosin ester

Antixidant for rosin ester 

Stabilizer for rosin ester


1. For glycerin preparation

2. For pentaerythritol preparation

3. For modified rosin ester etc

4. For disproportionated rosin


●Multifuncional:act as bleaching agent,antioxidant,light stabilizer and catalyst at the same time

●Make rosin ester with color less than 3 gardner at low dosage

●Better heat and light stability 


●Environment friendly

●Approved for food contact application


25kgs/kraft bag;

25kgs/paper drum;

25kgs/carton box or as customer's request;


Store in dry,cool and shady place.

Keep the package sealed during not using it.


Our product is not dangerous goods according to transport regulation.

Shelf Life:

2 years at least if stored as indicated above

Lead Time:

Prompt delivery 

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